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Repair Parts

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Inner Power Supply N16-160P1A/ADP-160ER for PS4 Slim 2100 (OEM) Sale
SKU: HS-P4M930
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PS4 SLIM main unit built-in power supply N17-160P1A can replace ADP-160FR For PS4 SLIM CUH-2215 CUH-22XXX(Oem) Sale
SKU: HS-P4M931
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Inner Power Supply ADP-160CR/N15-160P1A Replacement Parts for  PS4 SLIM 2000(OEM) Sale
SKU: HS-P4M922
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Original New KES-496A KES 496A Laser Lens Repair Parts for PS4 Slim  / PS4 Pro All Series  Sale
SKU: HS-P4M902
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Original KEM-496AAA Laser Lens Parts for PS 4 PS4 Slim and Pro Sale
SKU: HS-P4M915
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6Pcs Swap Thumbsticks Grips Metal Magnetic Stick Set for PS4 Slim /PS4/XBOX ONE Controller  pp bag Sale
SKU: HS-P4M913
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8Pcs Swap Thumbsticks Grips Metal Magnetic Stick Set for PS4/XBOX ONE/PS4 Slim Controller Sale
SKU: HS-PS4970
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20pcs Replacment L2 R2 Motor Springs for PS4 JDM JDS 030/040/055 Sale
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20pcs Replacment L2 R2 Motor Springs for PS4 JDM JDS 001 /011 /020 Sale
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OEM  PS4 slim 8 Pin Flex Cable for RF Board Power on/off Switch Board Cable Line CUH 2000 TSW-002 003 004  Sale
SKU: HS-P4M943
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One Set Heatsink APU Clamp for PlayStation 4 PS4 Slim Motherboard replacement Sale
SKU: HS-P4M941
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Headset Jack  for PS4 Slim / Pro 3.0/4.0/5.0 Controller Connector Replacement Repair Parts Earphone Port Socket (New Stype) Sale
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A pair of OEM Big Rumble Left / Right Vibration  Motor for PS4 /XBOX ONE / ONE Slim / Series X / SLIM Wireless Controller Sale
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A Set of  Non-slip Silicon Rubber Feet Cover Replacement For Sony PS4 Slim 2006 Console Shell Housing Bottom Pad Sale
SKU: HS-P4M940
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High Copy Replacement For Sony PS4 Slim / PS4 PRO Console KES-496A KEM-496AAA Laser Lens Ribbon Flex Cable​​​​​​​ (20CM) Sale
SKU: HS-P4M939
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Original 9.5 Chengxin PS4 SLIM CHU-2015 20XX Blu-Ray Dvd Disk Drive (Longer flex cable )  Sale
SKU: HS-P4M938
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Original New PS4 SLIM Cooling Fan Sale
SKU: HS-P4M937
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Ps4 slim hard disk cover Sale
SKU: HS-P4M935
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PS4 Slim USB Socket (Pulled) Sale
SKU: HS-P4M934
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8pcs Repair Screws Set Parts for Playstation 4 PS4 Slim Console Sale
SKU: HS-P4M933
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